Get Ready for Ponytail Pond Hockey

Not ready for the hockey season to end just yet? You're not alone! The Chiller Ponytail Pond Hockey presented by COGH is a great way to ease out of the season, meet up with some cool hockey girls, and play some fun, casual games. The true "pond hockey" nature of PPH is the primary difference between Ponytail Pond Hockey and the Perani's Pond Hockey League. Registered players are organized by age and skill and COGH coaches manage cross-ice games like drop-in style based on who is at the rink each week. The cross-ice format allows plenty of puck touches. Supervision and safety are paramount but coaching is minimal to let the players experiment and grow their hockey instincts in a controlled environment. 

Now that you're interested in Ponytail Pond, register HERE to reserve your player's spot on the ice!

8U/10U (birth years 2014-2017)

12U/14U (birth years 2010-2013)