Introducing GDP+

We are excited to announce an addition to our Girls Development Program, called GDP+ !! This is a next-steps pilot program for our 7-12yr old GDP participants who are ready to advance to a more challenging level of play.

All participants will register for the standard GDP session HERE. Schedules and basic info for both programs will be the same, with the GDP+ utilizing the Zamboni end of the ice. Placement into the GDP+ class will be by coaches recommendations only after evaluation. Required skill proficiency includes strong forward stride, backward skating, stopping quickly on each side, crossovers, tight turns and stick handling through a course. The upcoming session starts June 4th and will begin with an evaluation to determine the top 20% who will move to GDP+. Players may advance midway through the session with coach recommendation as skills improve.

GDP+ will not change the great player to coach ratio that our current GDP players enjoy. We will have dedicated coaches and practice objectives for each group including some new volunteers on ice from the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Girls Program.

GDP+ came about, in part, from feedback to the existing program. In our ongoing effort to meet the changing needs of the girls' hockey community, this is a great opportunity for those that feel they’ve outgrown GDP to reconnect and sharpen skills along with female peers and teammates who share the drive to improve.

Feel free to email directly with any questions.