Summer Ponytail Pond Hockey

The Chiller has posted a short Summer Ponytail Pond Hockey opportunity for players 10-14 years old. Registered players are organized by age and skill and COGH coaches manage cross-ice games like drop-in style based on who is at the rink each week. Supervision and safety are paramount but coaching is minimal to let the players experiment and grow their hockey instincts in a controlled environment. 

Now that you're interested in Ponytail Pond, register HERE to reserve your player's spot on the ice!

6/21/2024 (Friday) - 7:20-8:20pm @ Dublin
6/28/2024 (Friday) - 7:20-8:20pm @ Chiller Ice Works
7/12/2024 (Friday) - 7:20-8:20pm @ Dublin
7/19/2024 (Friday) - 6:40-7:40pm @ Chiller Ice Works

Cost: $80/skater
Cost: $40/goalie